You can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel -Johnny Depp

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Chapter 1: LA

"Doniya! Who is it?" Zayn smiles when his mom gets close to the phone "it’s Zayn, mom." The phone moves from Doniya to his mom when Zayn leaves the club. "My baby! I missed you so much! And now you’re a man! Can you hear me? Hello?" Zayn starts to walk away from the club. "Yea mom.. I can hear you. Wait." He stops his steps "Are you crying again? Mom!" "I’m sorry.. I just miss you so much.. And happy birthday sweetheart!" Zayn smiles while looking for his car "me too, and thanks mom, I’m finally legal! Where’s my fucking car now?! I can-" "Watch you mouth Zayn, Legal but don’t talk dirty." Zayn laughs and runs to his car "You should take the girls to school now mom, it’s 9am. No?" "Shit! you’re right! text me soon babe, good night!" Zayn close his phone and gets into the car.

-Lauren P.O.V-

"Excuse me?" I’m looking at the blue car, looking for a reason why I need a ride to my home. "Yes love?" He smiles and looks at me "Here’s the thing.." I start and smile "I lost my car, when it got stolen.. and-" "Jump in. I’ll drive you home." I smile and gets into the car "So.. what you celebrated?” I smile, trying to be nice cause still, I really need to be at home soon. “I’m legal. isn’t it a reason to celebrate?” I smile, he’s not old as he looks. “So you’re 21. co- To the left.” He nods “Yep. 21 and legal. and you.. 20 right?” I laugh a bit “Yea. but I need to know something.. you’re 21. and that’s how you celebrate your birthday?” when I found my house I points on it and he stops his car “Yea why?” I’m thinking a bit if I should tell him about the trip, I don’t even know if I’m going to do it. “I’m doing Adventure of a lifetime to my 20th birthday. Call me if you need something.” I give him my phone number and leaving the car, looking at him and walks away. getting ready to my trip.


-Zayn P.O.V-

'Good morning, still at LA? x'

I’m looking at my text message, looks so lame. “What’s wrong mate? you look upset.” I’m looking at Niall, my best friend. “Well.. Just got a chance to Adventure of a lifetime and I think I missed it.” he smiles “text her. I don’t think that she gonna give up about Zayn malik.” he laughs and walks away. and then I get new text message. from Lauren.

I’m getting ready, leaving more 3 hours, why? x’

'I want to come. x'

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